LedgerMail – the world’s first Decentralized Email Service has enabled seamless Sign in and Wallet Integration for Unstoppable Domains – the #1 provider of NFT domains on the blockchain. Now, the NFT domains purchased through Unstoppable Domains can have a value-added service of using the blockchain-based email service of LedgerMail through a simple sign-in process and also help resolve the LedgerMail Wallets with human-readable names

With an aligned vision of returning the power of the internet to people while protecting their Digital Rights, the partnership between LedgerMail and Unstoppable Domains will allow the Web3 community to have a simple, universal username that can be used to transfer all types of digital assets. These digital assets range from emails, files, data, messages, cryptocurrencies, and even NFTs in near future.

This partnership will entail the Unstoppable Domain users to use their NFT domain linked with wallet IDs to Sign in to LedgerMail directly, without entering a password or going through any additional verification process. Users can purchase their NFT domains from Unstoppable Domains, come to LedgerMail to sign in using the same domain, and start using the decentralized email service.

While Unstoppable Domains eliminates the hassle of remembering complex wallet IDs through a simplistic domain name, LedgerMail can supercharge these users by enabling a privacy-first, secure and decentralized email platform. Along with emails, the LedgerMail platform will get equipped with the transfer of all types of digital assets through a unified platform.

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at LedgerFi, Mr. Suraj Mulla said, “The partnership with Unstoppable Domains will be a stepping stone in building the decentralized internet we have envisioned since the inception of the LedgerMail. We hope to equip all UD users to have the same custom domain as an email ID operating on a decentralized communication platform for secure transfer of their digital assets in a simplistic yet secure way!”

“We’re thrilled to partner with LedgerMail and to make it easier for people to log in seamlessly, without compromising their data privacy,” said Sandy Carter, SVP of Business Development & Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains. “With NFT domains, people own their identity data. Now, they can use their domain to access decentralized, privacy-first email through LedgerMail.”

About LedgerMail:
LedgerMail is rendering the traditional ways of communication through obsolete & cumbersome platforms while providing the highest level of security, encryption, privacy, decentralization, and protection from cyber-attacks. LedgerMail is the world’s first Decentralized Email Service which inherits the capabilities of Blockchain Technology to spearhead Web 3.0 communication protocols.

Published On: August 19th, 2022 /