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  • Store all email transaction proofs on a shared ledger with distributed nodes across the blockchain network.

  • Store all messages and files encrypted format at all Popular Decentralized Storage.

  • Login through popular decentralized DNS services, Popular Wallets, Custom Usernames.
  • Use Individual level Non-Custodian Wallet, No Keys maintained at Server

  • Ensure tamper-proof and encrypted secure attachment (file) sharing.

  • Utilize cryptographic algorithms, including Asymmetric-key Mechanism and Hashing Functions.

  • Eliminate centralized governance in email systems.

  • Prevent header manipulation, editing, or overwriting to spoof email IDs.

  • Decentralized Messaging Solution. Coming soon.

  • Secure Audio & Video Solution. Coming soon.

  • Decentralized Payment Solution. Coming soon.

Key Features