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What we do

At our cutting-edge technology company, we are at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to developing secure communication services that redefine the way individuals and businesses communicate. Our solutions are expertly crafted with a steadfast commitment to protecting your privacy, upholding data sovereignty, and guaranteeing your absolute satisfaction.

Our offerings for Individuals deliver decentralized, web3.0, and secure communication services powered by Blockchain. In contrast, our solutions tailored for Enterprises guarantee data sovereignty, data security, data privacy, auditability, robust key management, compliance, and secure communication services, all driven by Blockchain and Multi-Party Computation.

At present, we offer two secure communication solutions: LedgerMail and LedgerChat.
LedgerMail offers two versions: one for Individuals and another for Enterprises, both prioritizing data security and privacy. LedgerMail for Individuals provides secure Web3 email powered by the Blockchain. LedgerMail Enterprise enhances security with private blockchain technology and advanced Multi-party Computation (MPC) for key management, ensuring top-notch data security, data sovereignty, and audit capabilities.

LedgerChat Enterprise, on the other hand, exemplifies a Blockchain based communication service that empowers you to engage in private conversations with anyone, regardless of their location. Your messages are safeguarded through encryption both during transit and at rest, assuring your perpetual privacy.



LedgerFi prioritizes data security through strong end-to-end encryption and self-custody, while also guaranteeing zero data access by LedgerFi, thereby safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring strict privacy for both individuals and enterprises.


The blockchain based communication ecosystem of LedgerFi has asymmetric cryptographic AES-256 encryption while leveraging decentralized storage providers or on-premise storage for data sovereignty and democratic data governance.


Individual and enterprise users maintain ownership of their private keys, which serve as the decryption keys for their messages. Consequently, LedgerFi does not possess any access to users’ emails, messages, or files. Your data remains yours.


LedgerFi ecosystem operates on modular dedicated subnets with the implementation of Rollups for exceptional performance & scalability. LedgerFi aims to achieve 100000 TPS through this modular blockchain architecture integrated with rollups solutions.


To bring interconnectivity among Web 3.0 users without compromising user privacy, anonymity & personalization; LedgerFi can seamlessly integrate with popular enterprise tools and applications, streamlining workflows and ensuring secure communication within existing business processes.

Compliance & Auditing

LedgerFi’s ecosystem is designed to meet industry-specific compliance standards, making it suitable for sectors with strict regulatory requirements. Robust auditing capabilities provide transparency and accountability.

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