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Interconnecting Web 3.0 through

Decentralized Communication Service


Decentralized Digital Assets Exchange

The blockchain based communication service to transfer

    a. Emails, Messages, Calls
    b. Files, Attachments, Data
    c. Cryptocurrencies, CBDCs
    d. Stablecoins, NFTs
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What we do?

LedgerFi envisions building the world’s first Decentralized Digital Assets Exchange (#ddax) while spearheading the Web 3.0 communication protocols enabling users to experience true digital transformation through a unified ecosystem of LedgerFi.


LedgerFi provides a web 3.0 communication service built on blockchain technology for secure communication through email, chat & payment applications.

LedgerFi provides blockchain based Decentralized communication service & Decentralized Digital Assets Exchange for secure communication.


The Zero-knowledge proof hybrid blockchain scalability model operating on the dedicated modular subnets with a shared security layer of XDPoS 2.0 consensus algorithm brings exceptional scalability, military-grade security, decentralization & a lightning-fast speed of 100000 TPS to the LedgerFi platform.

About Us

Introducing LedgerFi 2.0

  • LedgerFi 2.0 will be a Metaverse enabled ecosystem through which users can experience a hyper-personalized connectivity with their peers.

  • A multi-chain platform of LedgerFi 2.0 will unify the respective blockchain networks through custom usernames, application themes & community-oriented collaboration tools.

  • LedgerFi 2.0 will be interoperable through cross-chain bridges and also create a gateway for transferring digital assets to legacy platforms (Web 3.0 to Web 2.0)



LedgerFi Ecosystem will operate on a multi-chain platform comprising L1, L2, Non-EVM & Cosmos chains through a Zero-knowledge Proof Hybrid Blockchain model for enabling military-grade security.


The blockchain based communication ecosystem of LedgerFi will have asymmetric cryptographic encryption while leveraging decentralized storage providers for data sovereignty and democratic data governance.


To adhere to the Web 3.0 standards, the LedgerFi will operate on the Shared Security Layer of public blockchain networks with relevant consensus mechanisms having a global distribution of nodes forming a censorship-resistant decentralized communication service.


LedgerFi ecosystem operates on modular dedicated subnets with the implementation of Rollups for exceptional performance & scalability. LedgerFi will achieve 100000 TPS through this modular blockchain architecture integrated with rollups solutions.


To bring interconnectivity among Web 3.0 users without compromising user privacy, anonymity & personalization; LedgerFi will have custom usernames, application themes & collaboration tools specific to blockchain based communication service.


The Web 3.0 communication service of LedgerFi will be interoperable through human-readable wallet IDs, the cross-chain bridge for communicating with different communities, and most importantly a Web 3.0 to Web 2.0 bridge for transferring assets to legacy providers.

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Existing legacy solutions fail to provide adequate security, data privacy & protection from cyber-attacks while operating on cumbersome protocols, centralized governance & manipulation of user data resulting in a breach of the digital rights of the users.


As opposed to this, the blockchain based communication ecosystem of LedgerFi caters to individuals & businesses to bring true data sovereignty, censorship resistance, and democratic governance through the Web 3.0 communication standards. Users can email, message, call, pay and even send NFTs through a virtual friend zone without compromising their digital rights.

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The world’s first Decentralized & Secure Email Solution which replaces traditional email transfer protocols with the revolutionary Blockchain Technology. LedgerMail is disrupting the email ecosystem while spearheading the Web 3.0 email protocols.

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The Decentralized Instant Messaging Solution enabling users to instantly chat with peers without worrying about centralized governance. LedgerChat allows users to seamlessly communicate with each other without compromising their Digital Identity & Data Sovereignty.

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The Decentralized Cross-Border Remittance platform providing human-readable, interoperable & lightning-fast payment transfer capabilities for financial inclusion of the unbanked individuals.

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The Decentralized Audio & Video Call Platform allows individuals & businesses to connect with each other in real-time. The centralized access point utilized in conventional VoIP solutions is eliminated with blockchain based communication technologies. Eliminating the hassle of handling centralized, cumbersome & hackable legacy platforms with the high-performing next-gen solution. Instead, a blockchain based communication system sends the signal from the calling party to a receiving number, which is then replaced by a dispersed network shared by all network users.

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Metaverse Interconnected NFT Transfer Hyper-personalized social connectivity for transferring, exchanging & showcasing NFTs and other digital assets through an interactive & interconnected platform. 

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