Human history is filled with anecdotes of inventions and reinventions. We have witnessed an array of inventions right from the wheel, animal carts, the telephone, television, internet, and world wide web, to the reinvention of the same through motors, trains, smartphones, smart TVs, decentralized internet and a list goes on and on. These reinventions have made our world a better place to live while leveraging disruptive technologies.

Now we are experiencing a rapid evolution as we enter into an era of Web 3.0 where applications are built upon disruptive blockchain technology. The core foundation of Web 3.0 is laid through the principles of decentralization, censorship-resistance, peer-to-peer exchange, and giving control back to the users for data sovereignty.

As we progress into this new world of decentralization, it is imperative to focus on the requirements of User 2.0 which beliefs in protecting its digital rights through data security, privacy, and prevention from online attacks. The tech-savvy millennials and Gen Zs want an uncompromised ecosystem where they can own their digital identity with a belief in the democratic management of their data privacy.

Considering the same, a Dubai-based organization LedgerFi IT Solutions has launched the world’s first decentralized email solution called the LedgerMail. A blockchain email service that replaces the traditional way of exchanging emails through IMAP/SMTP, and a centralized legacy email service provider with cutting-edge blockchain technology. LedgerMail is disrupting the email ecosystem with a vision of protecting the digital rights of Web 3.0 users and providing the highest level of security, privacy, cryptographic encryption, and prevention from email attacks in a decentralized way.

LedgerMail – a blockchain email solution is obviating the need to rely on traditional email service providers by providing user privacy, reliability, and authenticity with its disruptive email platform. LedgerMail allows users to have complete governance of their data while enabling a peer-to-peer transfer of emails through a decentralized network of nodes distributed across the globe.

The traditional email service providers rely on the cumbersome & obsolete email transfer protocols of IMAP and SMTP. Few email security services claim to provide end-to-end encryption but centralized governance and limitations of the SMTP port 25 which accepts only plain text format or ASCII characters expose these false claims.

The decentralized email service of LedgerMail leverages cryptographic algorithms for encrypting messages, files, and attachments. LedgerMail is also entering into a strategic partnership with a decentralized cloud storage provider which will ensure all the attachments are encrypted, fragmented, and stored on a distributed network of nodes.

LedgerMail brings true authenticity to an individual email as it encrypts the message and stores it on the immutable ledger of the blockchain network. This eliminates the possibilities of email tampering and email spoofing which is quite common with legacy email services. Even the email security service providers cannot limit these tampering & spoofing attacks. These email security services only encrypt the body of the email, the email header which comprises the email ID, timestamp, IP address, and subject line is still unencrypted. The blockchain email service of LedgerMail eliminates this possibility through immutability.

Now it’s time to reinvent emails and adopt a blockchain email service that inherits all the capabilities of this disruptive technology. LedgerMail operates on a hybrid blockchain platform of the XDC Network which leverages the XDPoS 2.0 consensus mechanism for lightning-fast speed, military-grade security, forensic controls, and accountability.

This blockchain email service is equipped with all the components of the Web 3.0 protocols while ensuring to provide a simplistic, interoperable, and futuristic platform to its users. A simple sign-up process followed by a user-friendly UI allows users to experience a seamless interface backed by cryptographic security.

LedgerMail is not only limited to individual users of the web 3.0 ecosystem, but this blockchain email service is catering to global enterprises and SMEs as well. Now we all can be part of a close-knit ecosystem of decentralized communication to exchange our digital assets without getting manipulated, controlled, or governed by a centralized intermediary.

Since its inception, the decentralized email service of LedgerMail has successfully onboarded more than a million users along with big tech enterprises and SMEs. A free-of-cost blockchain email service is willing to enable all of us to have a new communication protocol and take back control of our data. LedgerMail is inviting global users and enterprises to join hands and build a decentralized email ecosystem, which we deserve!

Published On: August 22nd, 2022 /