LedgerMail is the world’s first decentralized Email Solution with an aim of protecting the Digital Rights of Email users in a decentralized way.

LedgerMail is the Pingala Software powered, most prominent, and the world’s first Decentralized Email Service that combines the power of blockchain, XDPoS consensus, cryptographic algorithms, and zero trust mechanism with a mission of Protecting the Digital Rights of Email users in a decentralized manner.

After having a thorough analysis of existing legacy email providers, the LedgerMail team has pointed out that email users are not only manipulated and controlled by centralized governance, but users are left with zero privacy, and security. They are also thrown into the hands of many hackers where it is easy to launch cyber-attacks via fraudulent emails.

Pingala Software Founder & CEO Mr. Vinay Krishna said,

“Emails are part of our day-to-day communications and yet it is the least evolved technology vertical. With the introduction of the Decentralized Email Solution, now users will have complete control of their data without worrying about their email security and privacy.”

The ever-growing LedgerMail platform will replace traditional email transfer protocols like IMAP/SMTP. However, LedgerMail uses blockchain technology in which cryptographically encrypted messages & attachments are stored on shared blockchain ledgers.

In detail, each email transferred is confirmed and validated like a blockchain transaction. In order to bring the utmost level of security and create a tamper-proof decentralized email environment.

Mr. Suraj Mulla, a Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Pingala Software said that LedgerMail will reinvent the Legacy email system. Even more, through customized LedgerMail UI, LedgerMail enhances a hassle-free and seamless user experience.

Moreover, LedgerMail will not ask users to change their email ID or domain like other email security providers. Users can change their Email ecosystem, however, without changing their Email ID, and be part of the LegerMail.

LedgerMail operates on the public blockchain of XinFin Network which is spearheading military-grade, super secure, and Forensic control allowed Blockchain 4.0 & XDPoS 2.0 algorithm with 108 transaction-validating master nodes. Also, 192 additional standby nodes are scattered around the globe.

LedgerMail.io presently provides FREE access to early users and also an opportunity to win 10 XDC coins to take a step forward in protecting our Digital Rights and developing a decentralized email ecosystem.

About LedgerMail

LedgerMail.io is the Pingala Software powered decentralized email solution which is developed on the public blockchain of XinFin Network. The platform’s main goal is to protect the Digital Rights of email users on a decentralized path. Moreover, it is an immutable, truly private, completely secure, fully customizable, and cost-effective email service that will replace the old ways of providing email service obsolete soon by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

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